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Pastries & Dessert

Dessert Category includes Pudding items such as delicious egg puddings, milk tofu cocktail and Crème Brulee…

As a dessert, SEASONS offer items that are suitable for people who love a healthy life and appreciate good taste. Our desserts and made from fresh eggs and finest baking materials. Pudding items include egg pudding, milk tofu cocktail and cremebrulee which contain a lot of nutrition and suitable not only as daily dessert for all but also for children and elder people.

Pastries include Puff Pastries, Croissant, Mini Pizza and Sandwich.

Consumers can choose Pastry items with a variety of delicious tastes. We provide several different tempting combinations such as meat puffs (chicken, mutton, duck curries) and others like cheese and coconut puffs.

We also provide fresh sandwiches daily including Cheese & Egg, Chicken, Tuna, mini pizza (chicken, Tuna, and chicken Sausage are available).