BunBun & Kofi had loads of fun in Active Family Day Out 2016

“We have been having so much fun and delicious memories this year” said the man behind BunBun & Kofi.
BunBun & Kofi had their first appearance in public during the 2015 Active Family Day Out that took place at People’s Park. Now, we are here again in Active Family Day Out 2016 too. This time, we spent joyful moments together with some of the invited fans’ family.
“It is an honour that our characters have brought happiness to our hardcore fans” said Ko Thet Naing Min, Marketing Executive of Seasons. “Wow..Umm.. we have been through this fun and delicious years” said Ko Pyae Nyein Lu, the digital head of Marketing Department. “Actually, why our BunBun & Kofi are now being loved by most of the fans is simple. We have a passionate team behind BunBun & Kofi.”
Both BunBun & Kofi are 1 year and 7 months old, they both were born in 4th May, 2015.